Melvin Securities, LLC was founded in 1989.

We began by trading on the Chicago Stock Exchange (CHX) and the Chicago Board of Options Exchange (CBOE) where we acquired extensive market knowledge.

In 1992 we began using that knowledge to serve customers by building our brokerage, specialist and market making operations on the CHX ‘floor’. In 1993 we moved our ‘agency’ equity brokerage business off of the ‘floor’ to expand our ‘upstairs’ operations by adding fixed income and municipal sales trading and banking.

We simultaneously spun-off our CHX Specialist operations into Melvin Specialists, LLC. This created two organizations with different managements, different sets of customers and businesses with increasingly distinct orientations. Collectively we became Melvin & Company, LLC.

We have built our operations at Melvin & Company by always putting our customers’ interests first. During the time period from the firm’s founding until the present day, we have participated in tremendous market changes all seeking to minimize the cost and improve the service to our customers. We look forward to continuing to provide both our legacy and new customers with the very best service possible.